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Teeth Cleaning Dentist in Celina, TX 

Preventive Gum and Teeth Care

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Stephanie Rogers
Hygienist at Celina Dentistry in Celina, TX
B.S. Dental Hygiene 2001 Texas Woman’s University
B.S. Dietetics and Institutional Administration 1997 Texas Woman’s University

Why is Teeth Cleaning so Important to your Long Term Dental Health?

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation for an attractive, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Your teeth will always be cleaned by our licensed, experienced dental hygienist at Celina Dentistry in Celina, TX. Our hygienist Stephanie is dedicated to your overall dental health and, in particular, to you keeping all of your remaining teeth for a lifetime.

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At Celina Dentistry in Celina, TX We Use the Latest Dental Cleaning Techniques

At Celina Dentistry in Celina, TX you will be introduced to the latest dental cleaning techniques for preventing gum disease. The type of periodontal therapy you receive will be tailored to your individual dental needs. Whether you are visiting us at Celina Dentistry in Celina, TX for a periodic checkup or full periodontal therapy, our hygienist will provide comfortable, comprehensive gum care.

Did you know?

Periodontal disease affects 75% of adults over 35 years of age and is responsible for approximately 70% of all adult tooth loss. If caught early, periodontal disease can be treated using conservative nonsurgical techniques referred to as periodontal therapy. Our goal is to restore your mouth to a healthy state and maintain it to improve your overall health. Please call us today to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment. (972) 591-7912

By John W. Fallis DDS